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Featured Musicians

We are very pleased to have played host to some fine musicians over the years. As time permits we will feature them in this section of the site.

Beaufort regulars will be included as well as the more famous international names. Wherever possible a link will be provided to the musician’s website to help publicise their work and recognise their achievements. Please click on their name to access further information.

Entries are made in alphabetical order and will be updated regularly. Hopefully every musician who has devoted their time to Beaufort Jazz will have their efforts acknowledged on this page at some stage.

Rachel Cooper 

No Beaufort Jazz night would be complete without one of Rachel’s famous flute solos. An accomplished  musician who can jam and enhance any Gypsy Jazz ensemble.  Normally seen performing in Trez Fez.

Bob Clarke

Veteran violinist who toured the world during the golden era of Gypsy Jazz.

Mike Dexter

Beaufort regular often playing guitar and upright bass. Partners Howard Sheperd on guitar in Shep’s Rhthym Aces


Melodic guitar duo of Matt Wells and Dave Stearstree. Often perform in the many impromptu ensembles at Beaufort Jazz evenings.

Paul Draper

We don’t often get to enjoy Paul’s versatile musical skills as he is kept very busy as our resident sound engineer at Beaufort Jazz.  Paul is also the driving force behind Bickerstock

Douce Ambience

The Gypsy Jazz sound of flute and guitar – Rachel Cooper and Rob Curson

La Paire Lamedos

The Guitar duo of Les Cook and Mike Dexter.

Polly Douglas

Polly is a vocalist of some renown and has guested at Beaufort Jazz in a number of ensembles. Can be found performing as a duo with Mr Dave Brown as Two Smooth

Gadjo Jazz

Tony Hamer

Our loyal regular on electric bass, often assisting with the sound system. Can be found participating in many of the impromptu Beaufort ensembles.

Ted Hanley

Ted hardly ever misses the event and travels across Lancashire to perform for us each month. Either playing solo or as part an ensemble his melodic guitar playing is always very enjoyable.

Clifton Harrydass

Steel pan legend who brought a whole new dimension to gypsy jazz. Featured at Bickerstock and on many Beaufort Jazz evenings.

Hot Club of Knotty Ash

The Hot Club have been regular and enthusiastic supporters of Beaufort Jazz over the years. Originally a gypsy jazz guitar trio they now have an expanded line-up. Always receive a warm welcome.

Vernon Fuller

Vernon’s mix of jazz guitar and vocals is about as good as it comes. A superb musician.  Hopefully we will see Vernon back at Beaufort Jazz in the very near future.

Samuel C. Lees

Helen Maher

Helen’s accordion playing and vocals adds an extra dimension to our evenings. Often described as “Parisian” her style is elegant and timeless. Usually plays as a member of Trez Fez.

John McCormick

In demand and popular upright bass player who can be found in many ensembles. Long time member of the house band at Parr Street Jazz.


A gypsy jazz guitar duo who entertained Beaufort regulars for many years.  Based on The Wirral they can still be spotted playing locally in the Merseyside area.

Nouveau Django

Liverpool based trio who play throughout the UK.  Their uptempo, driving rhythm, fast guitar improvisations and virtuosic violin solos from fiddler Hayden John always entertain

Trefor Owen

Internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist and familiar figure on the US jazz guitar scene. Cites many influences including the great Wes Montgomery.

Adam Palma

Adam is a recent and most welcome performer at Beaufort Jazz.  A very accomplished guitarist and composer.

Samuel C. Lees

Esmond Selwyn

One of the UK’s finest performing jazz guitarists. Has worked with some of the biggest names in music.

The Sharp Four Quartet

Some Like it Hot

Swing 55

Swing 55 are from North Wales and have an unusual line up of flute and clarinet with the gypsy rhythm and bass. They describe their music as “sweet close harmony with infectious swing rhythm”. We agree.

Swing Manouche


Gypsy jazz played in a lively and enthusiastic style. Always a  pleasure to hear Swingology perform.

Tom Sykes

A very versatile jazz violinist who plays in a number of line ups in the region. Tom  is a long-standing supporter of Beaufort Jazz. When Tom isn’t playing Gypsy Jazz he can be found performing with the St Helens Sinfonietta

Trez Fez 

Trez Fez are regular performers on Beaufort Jazz nights. Gypsy jazz played in a very melodic and enjoyable style.

John Wheatcroft

Zazous Anglais





  1. Hi,
    In a roundabout way I’m trying to track down some information on Bill Hall (my Grandma’s brother). Bill performed with Spike Milligan and Johnny Mulgrew in the Bill Hall Trio during the late 40’s. It is my understanding that when Spike left Bill and Johnny went on to form Hall Norman and Ladd. In more recent times Hall Norman and Ladd featured violinist Bob Clarke. I’m interested to find out what Bob knows of the formation of HN & L and any info he may have on Bill Hall.
    Your help is very much appreciated.

    Comment by Rob Dean | October 19, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Rob

      Thanks for reading our blog and commenting. I have sent an email and hopefully your message will be passed to Bob.

      Comment by beaufortjazz | October 19, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hi

    I hope you can help me out on this one – I am violinist and band leader for TRIO GITAN and we are playing Southport Summer Jazz Festival on Lunchtime Saturday 212th May. As we are travelling down from North Yorkshire/Cumbria I am looking for a couple of other gigs to pad the weekend out, specifically a date on Friday 11th May and/or Sat 12th May eve. I know your night is Monday, but do you have any other ideas were we could gig on those nights in the area? we would not be that expensive as we are already in the area anyway


    Andy Lawrenson

    Comment by Andy Lawrenson | February 17, 2012 | Reply

    • Hi Andy

      I have copied you in on an email to Paul who manages Beaufort Jazz evenings. I hope we can do something for you. Many thanks for stopping by our blog.



      Comment by beaufortjazz | February 18, 2012 | Reply

  3. hello my name is john mooney i have just started a trio with my cousin on rythm guitar and my friend on bass,we would like to come over and play at the beaufort when you have an opening.i have just opened a myspace page where there are a few videos of us playing,i am on page 26 black and white photo with cap on. im sorry but i also seem to have sent this e mail too another part of your site my apologies thank you yours john mooney.

    Comment by john mooney | April 6, 2012 | Reply

  4. Hi , I am looking to book a gypsy jazz guitarist/ duo/trio for a small function in Southport on 4th May 2013 . Something lively and upbeat . For approx 2 sets , 6 pm and another at approx 8 ish.
    Any YouTube links and an idea of price would be much appreciated.

    Comment by Karen maddocks | January 20, 2013 | Reply

  5. I’ve attached a link to a photo of jazz violinist taken with me and friends at the Mandrake Club, Soho, London in the late 1950s. If the link fails, write to me at and I’ll send the photo.

    Michael Downend, Hattie Films, Playa Esmeralda, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Comment by lemeeg | July 9, 2013 | Reply

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