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Parr Street Jazz – Clifton Harrydass with Trez Fez at Studio 2

A few months ago we got an email which suggested that Jazz enthusiasts should check out the Tuesday Jazz evenings at Studio 2 in Parr Street Liverpool. Apparently the venue was an unusual combination of Hotel, Bar and a recording studio which had welcomed some of the biggest names in music throughout the years.  After some time on the to-do list we finally managed to pay Studio 2 a visit.

The hotel can be found behind a slightly anonymous facade and once inside, Studio 2 can be found on the right at the back of the reception area. It s a small, intimate and quite friendly place with comfortable seating. The bar area is thoughtfully separated from the lounge area –  which makes for easy listening without the usual bar chatter and noise.

From conversation with regulars, it seems that the evening kicks off with the “house” band who are then joined by a guest artist. This evening the guest was the singer Doreen Edwards who has to be said is a splendid vocalist with an extensive repertoire.

The evening normally then concludes with a jam session where musicians have the opportunity to perform with the house band. Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to stay till the end as we had a train to catch.

If Beaufort regulars contemplated a night out in Liverpool they might want to consider tomorrow evening when Clifton Harrydass with Trez Fez will perform at Studio 2.  The evening will probably start at 8 to 8.30 pm  and should obviously be very enjoyable. Try to make the effort –  you wont be disappointed.


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